List of Premium WordPress Templates used, deployed and tested by Strontium

Each of these WordPress theme providers offers unique themes and features.

CyberChimps –

  • CyberChimps provides easy-to-use, responsive, and SEO-friendly themes.
  • Benefit: With CyberChimps themes, you can quickly create professional and mobile-friendly websites without coding skills.

Directorist –

  • Directorist offers directory and listing themes and plugins for businesses.
  • Benefit: Build powerful online directories and listings for various industries, enhancing user experience and monetization opportunities.

Doo Themes –

  • Doo Themes offers a collection of stylish and customizable themes.
  • Benefit: Create visually appealing websites with Doo Themes’ modern and versatile design options.

Elegant Themes –

  • Elegant Themes provides access to the popular Divi theme and a range of plugins.
  • Benefit: With Elegant Themes, you get versatile, highly customizable themes and tools to design your dream website.

Envato Elements –

  • Envato Elements offers a vast library of themes, templates, and creative assets.
  • Benefit: Access a wide variety of high-quality resources for web design, marketing, and creative projects in one place.

Fame Themes –

  • Fame Themes specializes in clean and elegant WordPress themes for bloggers and businesses.
  • Benefit: Fame Themes provides elegant, user-friendly designs for bloggers and small businesses.

Happy Themes –

  • Happy Themes offers a collection of fast, responsive, and SEO-optimized themes.
  • Benefit: Create a lightning-fast website with a focus on user experience and search engine visibility using Happy Themes.

insertCart –

  • insertCart provides WooCommerce themes for e-commerce stores.
  • Benefit: Get feature-rich and customizable e-commerce themes to boost your online store’s performance.

MyThemeShop –

  • MyThemeShop offers a wide range of responsive and SEO-friendly themes.
  • Benefit: MyThemeShop themes are optimized for speed and search engines, making them ideal for content-driven websites.

Osclass Themes –

  • Osclass Themes is a go-to source for themes designed for classified ads websites.
  • Benefit: Osclass Themes simplifies the process of creating classified ads websites, allowing users to quickly set up and manage listings.

Premium Press –

  • Premium Press specializes in creating niche-specific WordPress themes.
  • Benefit: Find industry-specific themes tailored to your business needs, complete with integrated features.

Proteus Themes –

  • Proteus Themes focuses on business and e-commerce themes.
  • Benefit: Proteus Themes offers themes designed to help you create professional and functional online stores and corporate websites.

SecondLine Themes –

  • SecondLine Themes specializes in WordPress themes for nonprofits and NGOs.
  • Benefit: Nonprofits can easily build impactful websites to raise awareness and support their causes with SecondLine Themes.

Studio Press –

  • Studio Press is known for its Genesis Framework and themes.
  • Benefit: Studio Press provides a solid foundation for your website using the Genesis Framework, with various child themes for customization.

Template Monster –

  • Template Monster offers a wide range of templates and themes for various platforms.
  • Benefit: Access a vast collection of templates and themes for different purposes and platforms, allowing you to quickly find the perfect design for your project.

Theme Junkie –

  • Theme Junkie provides a collection of simple and elegant WordPress themes.
  • Benefit: Theme Junkie themes are easy to set up and maintain, making them ideal for bloggers and small businesses.

ThemeForest –

  • ThemeForest is a marketplace for a diverse selection of themes and templates.
  • Benefit: Find a theme for virtually any project or industry from a vast selection of themes available on ThemeForest.

ThemeIsle –

  • ThemeIsle offers a variety of WordPress themes with a focus on speed and performance.
  • Benefit: ThemeIsle’s themes are designed for fast loading times and an excellent user experience, which is crucial for SEO and user retention.

Theme Palace –

  • Theme Palace specializes in WordPress themes for a range of niches.
  • Benefit: Theme Palace provides themes that cater to different industries, making it easy to find a suitable theme for your website.

Themeum –

  • Themeum offers a collection of WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Benefit: Themeum’s themes and plugins provide versatility and functionality to enhance your WordPress website.

Themify –

  • Themify offers a selection of versatile and customizable themes.
  • Benefit: Create unique and responsive websites with Themify’s customizable themes and tools.

Thrive Themes –

  • Thrive Themes specializes in conversion-focused themes and plugins.
  • Benefit: Thrive Themes helps you optimize your website for lead generation and conversions with its dedicated focus on marketing.

Visualmodo –

  • Visualmodo offers responsive WordPress themes with modern design.
  • Benefit: Visualmodo’s themes are designed to captivate users with contemporary aesthetics and responsive layouts.

Viva Themes –

  • Viva Themes provides elegant and SEO-friendly themes.
  • Benefit: Viva Themes offers aesthetically pleasing themes that also prioritize search engine optimization, making them suitable for bloggers and businesses.

WooCommerce Themes –

  • WooCommerce Themes offers themes specifically designed for WooCommerce-powered online stores.
  • Benefit: Find themes that seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce, enhancing the appearance and functionality of your online shop.

WPEnjoy –

  • WPEnjoy offers a range of modern and user-friendly themes.
  • Benefit: Create attractive and user-friendly websites with WPEnjoy’s collection of themes.

WP Zoom –

  • WP Zoom provides elegant and feature-rich WordPress themes.
  • Benefit: WP Zoom themes are known for their style and functionality, making them a great choice for various website types.

XTemos –

  • XTemos offers a variety of feature-packed themes.
  • Benefit: XTemos themes come with a plethora of customization options and features to help you craft a unique and functional website.

YOO Theme –

  • YOO Theme specializes in stylish and modern WordPress themes.
  • Benefit: YOO Theme’s themes offer a contemporary and visually appealing design, making your website stand out.

Zigzag Press –

  • Zigzag Press focuses on themes for the Genesis Framework.
  • Benefit: Zigzag Press themes are tailored to the Genesis Framework, providing a robust foundation for your website design.

In summary, each of these WordPress theme providers offers a unique set of themes and features, catering to various needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for speed, elegance, functionality, or a specific niche focus, there’s a theme provider on this list that can help you achieve your website goals.

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