Website Expand Package for Large Businesses and Corporations

4,950.00 / month for 12 months


Website Expand Package:

  • Business with >10,000 Monthly Customers:

    Our Website Expand Package for large businesses and corporation is specifically designed for businesses with over 10,000 monthly customers. It caters to the unique need of businesses experiencing high traffic and demands a robust and scalable website solution. We also recommend this package if you want to integrate an Online Store or E-Commerce for your website. Optionally, we can develop a dedicated mobile app to integrate to your e-commerce website so its easier for your clients to order your products.

  • Select from Thousands of Premium Templates:

    Select from an extensive library of premium templates! These premium templates are usually purchased separately and usually cost around $50, but included for FREE in this package. Our service offers thousands of professionally designed templates for various purposes, ensuring you’ll find the perfect one to match your design concept that is suited for your business needs. Why is this important?

  • Get 15 Web Pages, or More:

    We will create a concise and impactful website with up to 15 web pages. Showcase your products, services, company information, testimonials, and more to engage and inform your website visitors effectively. We only charge ₱3,000 (one-time fee) for every additional pages beyond the first 15 web pages. If you want to have an online store, we can include the development of your storefront pages (my shop, categories and landing pages) in the website. Individual product pages are not included from the 15 web pages count, and you can add as many product pages as you want.

  • Ultra Fast and Secured Dedicated Hosting and IP Address:

    Website Expand Package for Large and Expanding Businesses includes exceptional website performance with our ultra-fast and secured dedicated hosting and IP Address. Your website will load quickly, ensuring a seamless user experience for your customers. Our advanced cyber-security measures and malware scanning will protect your data from unauthorized server access.

  • Dedicated Server Resources:

    Enjoy the value and peace of mind of having the server resource just for you. Our server uses AMD EPYC Processors and NVMe Storage for accelerated and multi-threading compute resource. Whether it’s high traffic on peak seasons, an increased storage or bandwidth requirements, our dedicated hosting has the flexibility to provide the necessary resources to keep your website up-scalable and ready to face the demands of your market.

  • Free Domain Registration:

    Business Website Expand Package includes a free annual domain registration (.com/.org/.net only), ensuring a professional and branded online presence for your business. Choose a domain name that aligns with your brand and industry, and we’ll take care of the registration and maintenance. Why is this important?

  • Up to 10 Business Emails:

    Website Expand Package includes up to 10 business emails. Use your domain name in your email addresses to enhance your brand identity and improve customer trust and engagement. Delegate more emails for your managers and staff. We only charge ₱300 per user/month for every additional email beyond the first 10 emails.

  • SEO Optimized + Reports:

    Boost your website’s visibility and organic traffic with our SEO optimization. We’ll optimize your website’s structure, content, and meta tags to improve search engine rankings. Regular reports will keep you informed of your website’s performance and SEO progress. Why is this important?

  • Social Media, Chat and App Integration:

    We will have your website integrated with your Social Media accounts to drive traffic and sales from your website and online store. Answer website queries and support concerns directly from your Facebook messenger app. Optionally, we can develop a dedicated mobile app to integrate to your e-commerce website as a package upgrade.

  • Service Delivery in 8 Weeks, Guaranteed! or your Money Back:

    As soon as you subscribe and after you submit the complete Website Subscription form, we will Guarantee the Delivery of your working Website/E-commerce store in just 8 weeks, or your Money Back. This is a testament to our motto No Excuses, Just Solutions. We will do our very best to deliver our promise.

  • No One-time Payment:

    Enjoy the convenience of a monthly subscription plan for our Website Expand Package for Large and Expanding Businesses package. No large upfront costs as offered by our competitors. Pay ₱4,950/mo. and access all the web features and resources you need to start exploding your business. Subscribe today, and take your business to new heights with our all-in-one website/e-commerce combo solution.