Website + Clinic Management System

1,990.00 / month and a 20,000.00 sign-up fee


Website + Clinic Management System Feature List:

Feature Breakdown:

Appointments Module
  • Doctor’s Calendar: Manage doctor’s availability time-slots.
  • Booking Form: Easy online booking form for patients with QR code.
  • Booking Confirmation: Autosend booking confirmation via email.
  • Holiday: Set vacation and clinic closed setting
Patient Portal Module
  • Book Appointments: Allow existing patients to book/re-book online.
  • Join Online Consultation: Join online consult (needs Tele-Med module).
  • Visit History: View past consults (doc’s notes, observations prescriptions).
  • Upload Medical/Lab Reports: Allow patient to upload their lab reports.
Consultation/Encounter Management
  • Patient Problems: Record patient’s complaints.
  • Doctor’s Notes: Record doctor’s observations.
  • Medical Reports: Submit/upload med reports, can be emailed to patient.
  • E-Prescription: Provide e-prescription, can be emailed to patient.
  • Billing: Generate billing from services provided, online payment optional.
Optional (Add-on) Features
  • Tele-Medicine Integration: Offer Telemedicine via Zoom or Google Meet integration.
  • Online Payments: Accept online payments.
  • Mobile App Integration: Access your Clinic Data much easier with a dedicated Mobile App for your clinic.

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